The plot thickens, as we are getting closer to the next celebrity Italian wedding. Earlier this week we wrote about the lavish Hotel Cipriani. After a dinner at this exclusive hotel about 60 guests are expected to attend the wedding which will reportedly be held at the seven-star (is that even possible?) Aman Canal Grande where rooms for the night start at $1800. And will he be paying for it? No. Giving a dowry is not a generally accepted tradition but in Clooney’s and Alamuddin’s case, the clock has been set back a century or two, so the inlaws are paying. According to reports in US Weekly, the 53-year-old actor will not be footing the bill for the lavish affair set to take place in Venice in the coming days – the bride’s parents are. Canal Grande Venice So let’s zoom in a bit at the Amal Canal Grande hotel. We found some historic information on their prestigious website: The palazzo in which Aman Canal Grande Venice is housed, Palazzo Papadopoli, was built in 1550 by the architect and follower of Sansovino, Gian Giacomo de Grigi, as commissioned by the Coccina family. The Coccinas were wealthy traders and seafarers who had recently moved to Venice from Bergamo. The palazzo was sold to the Tiepolo family in 1718 after the death of Francesco Coccina, the last descendant. Avid art collectors, the Tiepolos built an impressive library and gathered treasures from all over the world which were viewed by many notable figures of the time. The Tiepolos also employed the painter Giambattista Tiepolo to decorate rooms with frescoes which still remain today. At the close of the 19th century, Vera Papadopoli Aldobrandini married Count Giberto Arrivabene with the palazzo as part of her dowry. Today, the palazzo is owned by her grandson, Count Giberto Arrivabene Valenti Gonzaga. Aman overlooks the Grand Canal in San Polo, the smallest of the six sestieri (districts) of Venice. Named for the Church of San Polo, it is also one of the oldest parts of the city, known for its beautiful palaces, churches and market. With its 21,000-square-foot interior, it’s the largest private palazzo on the Grand Canal and one of the largest in Venice. They must have done a recent restoration because we found this hovel on Wikipedia: “Venetians would say the Papadopolis were so wealthy, they owned their own wave in the ocean,” says Giberto. Anyway, let’s not drift away, […]

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