It is among the most crucial days in your life– your wedding. And countless hours enter into assembling the perfect search for the day from the gown to the fashion jewelry. However what if you use glasses? Should you use them on your big day too or trade out for contact lenses on the wedding day?

Our style experts are here to weigh in and help you decide if your glasses ought to be the finishing touch or the one accessory that doesn’t see the light of day as you walk down the aisle.

Should a bride-to-be wear glasses on her wedding?

First up, we have Erin, our female resident fashion expert, who is adamantly opposed to any bride-to-be using spectacles on her big day.

She’s followed by Des, our male style professional, who definitely thinks the bride needs to display her fashion style in her glasses also on the big day.

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All set to select a side? Here we go!

Erin, Eyeglasses Expertrin: Absolutely not! A bride ought to not use glasses on her big day– it takes the focus directly to her glasses.

Des, Glasses ExpertDes: And that’s precisely the point! Her glasses can be a terrific fashion device for the day.

Erin: I usually concur that glasses can be the device you have to complete the look, but not on your big day. The focus needs to be on YOU, not your glasses.

Des: We’ll have to agree to disagree on this one. I believe the bride-to-be ought to have fun on her wedding day and she can even get a special pair of glasses made just for the day.

Erin: Yes, however what about photos? Glasses don’t constantly create the most lovely look around your eyes with glare during pictures. And glasses designs change a lot– in a number of years, it might make her look very dated.

Des: Anti-reflective lenses can easily fix that and keep the pictures, well, picture best. Plus, the exact same could be said about her dress option as far as looking dated.

Erin: I still believe glasses need to be left in the case on a big day. The focus needs to be on the bride-to-be and you need to quickly be able to see the emotions on her face. Her expressions should not be concealed behind glasses.

Des: I believe it can be an enjoyable method to accessorize and can display her personality. And these days with brides altering dresses several times during the event, she can even alter her glasses to coordinate with each change.

Erin: Well, you definitely will not see me taking part in this style trend. I want home owner to discover me on the wedding day, not my glasses. I would inform every bride-to-be to wear her contacts.

Des: I’m of the mindset that the bride must still reveal who she is on the wedding day. If that includes her glasses, then so be it. She’s going to be wearing her glasses every other day of her life, so why not on the greatest day?

Erin: That’s precisely it– it’s the most significant day. It’s her day to shine. It’s a day to stick out and to be attractive like a princess.

Des: She must use the glasses especially if she uses them every other day. If she always uses contacts, then I agree, she must stick with her contact lenses.

Erin: Contacts must be her option regardless. The pilot glasses should remain at house. She can use them on the honeymoon but keep them from the event.

And there you have it– the perspective of our style specialist, Erin, in addition to our resident male professional, Des. Two various viewpoints on whether your glasses ought to be on the invite list for your wedding. What’s your take? Who do you side with on this issue? Them? Wedding in the Netherlands? For more info on pilot glasses click on pilotenbril.